Landscaping Tips That Can Help Sell Your Home

Landscaping Tips That Can Help Sell Your Home

When it comes to selling your home, you are probably focused on ensuring your home is spotless to showcase the interior to its fullest, but how about some landscaping tips that can help sell your home. There is no denying that first impression matter, and those impressions are formed from the minute a potential homeowner pulls up to your home’s curb. Did you know that a well-maintained landscape can add value to your home? As much as 10-percent. So, while it’s important to make sure your home looks appealing, it really should start from the outside.

Ideally, you should begin cleaning up your yard and tackling projects about a month or two before your house is put on the market, however, many of these tips are fairly easy and can be done within a weekend. So, get ready to roll up your sleeves. Here are some tips to consider when it comes to increasing your home’s curb appeal before you place that for-sale sign in your yard.

Touch up or add new mulch – Mulch comes in a variety of colors and materials, it is a great way to control weeds, makes your plants and flowers pop, and retain moisture around your flower and bushes. Mulch gives your home an appealing and well-manicured look. First, create an edge for your mulch, make sure the area is free of weeds, lay down a weed barrier and evenly disperse your mulch. If you already have the foundation of mulch, consider adding a new fresh layer. Ideally, mulch should be replaced annually.

Consider a pop of color – A pretty pop of color or color(s) in a container by your walkway or planted (in your new mulch) can add serious curb appeal. If you are worried about the maintenance, ask a garden nursery professional which plants and flowers thrive on little attention. Hostas are a great choice, they are hardy, come in many varieties, grow low, look especially pleasing, and are easy to maintain. If you do plant flowers or perennials, a nice touch would be to label them so the new homeowner is aware of the maintenance and variety.

Trim overgrown bushes and trees – If it’s been a while since you’ve given attention to your bushes, shrubs, and trees, you might want to consider either hiring a professional or tackling this project yourself. A prospective homeowner who sees tree branches hanging close to the roof, or bushes too close to the foundation might be reason enough to check your house off their list.

Power-wash unsightly surfaces – When it comes to surfaces, it’s easy to spot a mess on your kitchen counter and ignore the dirt that may have accumulated on your sidewalk, entryway, front stoop, deck, or porch. Power washing these surfaces will give your home a fresh look and an attractive curb appeal. For a real pop of color, consider giving your front door a fresh coat of paint, replacing your house numbers, and adding colorful planters.

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