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What to Look For In Your Next Open House Visit – Berkshire Hathaway Tips

What to Look For In Your Next Open House Visit

Berkshire Hathaway Tips

Even if you’re not quite ready to purchase a new home, visiting open houses for properties for sale is a valuable learning experience for novice and experienced buyers alike. Not only can an open house help you decipher what you truly want and need in a new house, but it also helps you understand how to overlook superficial flaws (you can change paint colors!) and how vital flaws in the home can be disguised.

Here are a few things to look for in your next open house visit:

Do Your Homework Before You Go

The Boston Real Estate Guide states that an open house is so much more than just casually touring a home on the market, and we couldn’t agree more! That’s why the work must begin before you initially visit the house by doing thorough research on the property. Research can include:

  • Doing a Google search on the home’s address.
  • Studying the property and surrounding neighborhood on Google maps.
  • Visiting the town’s Facebook page.

You can also check the county’s Registry of Deeds website for more information on the house and even drive by the property before the formal open house. However, those steps alone may make you decide that visiting the open house isn’t even worth it!

Look Out for Red Flags

Some homeowners resort to clever tricks to hide big problems in their homes. Unfortunately, overlooking potential issues could mean enormous hassle and expenses for you down the line if you decide to buy this home. Fortunately, there are plenty of signs to look for as you visit an open house. Realtor.com recommends paying particular attention to the following:

  • Too much scent in a home (is the smell of too many candles or freshly baked cookies hiding something sinister?)
  • Poor tiling (uneven tiling may indicate a bad DIY job)
  • Foundation issues (significant gaps above window frames and doors can indicate potential foundation problems)
  • Signs of deferred property management (make sure routine home maintenance has been performed by the current homeowner)

Know What Questions to Ask

Let’s say you have done the proper research before visiting the house, and the open house tour is going well: what should you be asking the real estate agent before you leave? Money Crashers emphasizes that you cannot depart an open house without knowing:

  • What problems in the home are present
  • If there have been any price changes (price drops can either indicate problems with the home or that the sellers are willing to negotiate)
  • How long the home has been on the market
  • Ff there have been any offers on the house
  • What the neighborhood and school district are like

In this competitive real estate market, visiting an open house can be intimidating. But following these best practices will make the process easier so that you can be sure you are making an informed home purchase. But you know what else is vital to ensure you are navigating the real estate market properly? An expert real estate agent. That’s where John M. Braham comes in! Whether you are in a rental, are looking to purchase, or are hoping to list your home in the Sumter area, John M. Braham Real Estate Agency of Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices has an expansive resume and rock-solid integrity.

For more information on how John M. Braham Real Estate Agency can help you, contact the agency today! Follow their Facebook page for more helpful hints on visiting open houses and how to navigate the always-changing world of real estate.