Choosing The Right Real Estate Agent

Choosing The Right Real Estate Agent

Real estate technology today has the ability to match buyers with the perfect home and sellers with the perfect buyer. But even with these abundant resources available, buying or selling a home is still a human, emotional experience.

This is why having a trusted real estate agent for the buying or selling process is tremendously beneficial. Real estate is real. Despite how easy it may be to flip through photos on Zillow, the physical process has so many human elements.

John M. Brabham of Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices has helped families in real estate in Sumter, South Carolina for sixty years. Throughout the team’s tenure, they have identified the different characteristics home buyers and sellers should consider when hiring a real estate agent.

They Work For You

It is important to remember that a real estate team like John M. Brabham’s was hired by you and works for you. Understanding this helps you select a real estate agent with your best interests in mind and identify if you share professional chemistry with them.

A realtor or listing agent may have an impressive resume on screen or on paper; however, their personality and that aforementioned chemistry have to click with yours. The amount of time you will spend with this person while searching for or selling a home is tremendous.

And remember, that time spent together will be emotional. There will be heartbreak when an offer falls through, deep contemplation between you and your agent about putting in an offer on a home, or when selling the one you’ve built many priceless memories around. A positive connection with you and your emotions is everything.

Trust Your Instincts

It is wise to interview several agents before deciding on one. Dig deep to find out the strengths and weaknesses of each one, and don’t be afraid to be transparent about your expectations. A quality real estate agent will be just as transparent with their facts in return.

During the interview, trust your instincts. If a specific real estate agent checks all the boxes but gives off a cold personality, perhaps they aren’t for the emotional buyer and seller. Conversely, if you’re looking for a straight shooter with no frills, then that same agent is for you.

At any point throughout the process of buying or selling a home, if you and your family feel differently about your agent and want to move on to a different one that aligns more with your needs, make sure you do. Trying to continue working with an agent that is not working for you and your family will only waste everyone’s time.

John M. Brabham Real Estate

Whether you need a rental, are looking to purchase, or hoping to list your home in the Sumter area, John M. Braham Real Estate Agency of Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices integrity is rock solid and their resume expansive.

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