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House Hunters in Sumter Love These Neighborhoods

House Hunters in Sumter Love These Neighborhoods. If you are addicts of HGTV, then you are very familiar with and probably devoted to the show “House Hunters.” For those of you that aren’t, first of all, you really need to start watching this show, but secondly, here is a quick synopsis. A couple searches for a home in their hometown and tours, three final candidates. Each episode concludes with the couple choosing their new house and shows a glimpse of their lives as they’ve settled in after the move.

Now in this show, there are many criteria that each couple discusses when envisioning their ideal home. While several people seek an open floor plan and plenty of square footage, there is another thing that is often discussed when couples discuss their new home wish lists; the neighborhood.

Fortunately, house hunters both on and off a television screen in the Sumter area have plenty of outstanding neighborhoods to choose from. Here are the four that our friendly and expert team at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices especially love to tour with prospective buyers.


Idlewild? More like IDEAL-wild! At least, that’s what many current residents and house hunters have to say about this charming, picturesque area. Each street is surrounded by old-fashioned lamp posts and unique street signs; those are just two of the characteristics that have people clamoring to this area. Top it all off with plenty of mature pine and hardwood trees, and you have the neighborhood of your dreams.

The Arbors promises the look and feel of a gated community, without the gate! Located near the prestigious Shaw Air Force Base, this loop neighborhood is enclosed by a stunning brick perimeter. The lovely divides don’t stop there, as each median is gorgeously landscaped, adding quaint character. Do yourself a favor and put The Arbors on your list!

The Oaks

As the name suggests, The Oaks neighborhood greets its visitors and residents with a shady and stunning entranceway lined with a plethora of beautiful oak trees. And the breathtaking display of greenery doesn’t end there; mature leaves interweave every street and every yard, a perfect pairing to every intricately landscaped home.


Traditional brick exteriors, two large ponds creating a nature-centered ambiance? Sounds like a homeowner’s dream to us! This sprawling neighborhood, located on both ends of West Drive, has the uniform and charming appearance that many envision when they picture their ideal home and neighborhood. We personally would be honored to call Deerfield home!

Assuming the casting directors aren’t calling you and offering to show you homes in your ideal neighborhood for an upcoming episode of “House Hunters,” we at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices would be honored to help you in your home search. Visit our website to email us with your specific questions or call 803-775-1205.