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Stress-Free Property Rental with John M. Brabham

Stress-Free Property Rental with John M. Brabham

Alleviate Your Headaches! 

From poor plumbers to expensive electricians, to wading through rental law and tenants’ rights, property management issues can stack up quickly. Hiring the right property management firm will ease the burden. John M. Brabham Real Estate has well-established relationships with local contractors, so you don’t have to shop around for reputable service providers. We are also familiar with SC tenancy law, and the tenant application process to handle any issues that may arise. You’re basically paying us to handle your headaches.

Our property management responsibilities include:

  • Creating and executing successful advertising for your property
  • Showing the property to prospective renters with a thorough screening of each individual
  • Managing the rental application process compliant with SC tenancy laws
  • Bookkeeping – security deposit escrows, collecting rent, assessing applicable late fees, and fully accounting for all payments, receipts, deposits, and invoices
  • Periodic property inspections, including end-of-lease inspection
  • Procuring multiple bids for maintenance issues with prior client approval for any excessive property expenses
  • Cleaning and re-keying property at end of lease
  • Conducting interior property surveys including recommendations to maximize owners’ return on investment.

Let Someone Else Be the “Bad Guy”

The beauty in hiring a property management company is to create some distance between yourself and the tenant. A property manager shields you, the landlord, from the tenant. For example, this can make it very easy to say no a prospective tenant, or to a request for rent relief.  You can say no to the middle guy, and then they can deliver the bad news. That’s what we’re paid for – to be the “bad guy.”

Location, Location, Location

Location is another one of the benefits of working with a property management company. Are you local here in South Carolina? Or do you live in another state? Whether near or far, our services become even more valuable when you live too far away to manage it all. In addition to being familiar with that state’s tenancy laws and application process, local contractors, etc., a property management company can minimize your expenses by taking travel out of the equation.

John M. Brabham Real Estate/Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices is a full-service property management firm managing over 500 rentals, comprised of multi-family units, single-family units, as well as commercial units. We offer unparalleled service whether you own a large building or an individual unit. We strive to keep costs low to maximize your return. Visit us online or call (803) 774-7368 x115.