Why it’s Essential to Get a Home Inspection

Why it’s Essential to Get a Home Inspection

Buying a home can be a challenging and rewarding process involving multiple steps, make sure one of those steps is a home inspection. You typically begin online research to get a feel for features and neighborhoods that interest you while working with a loan officer to review finances and determine what you can afford.

At some point, you enlist the services of an experienced realtor for the next level with in-person showings. After you find the right house and make an offer, an important next step is hiring a home inspector. Why? Buying a home is one of the single largest purchase that most people make in their lives. An industry professional can reassure you that you’ve made a solid choice. Below are a few common-sense reasons for having a home inspection.

Peace of Mind – There’s nothing more powerful than verifying a major investment is a good one. An inspection report does just that, allowing the buyer to know the condition of a property in advance of the purchase. An impartial inspection will spare you from facing major or unexpected repairs after moving into your new home.

Detailed Report – When you are in the market to select a home inspector, be sure to get one with experience and that you trust. Ask about their process in addition to what is and is not included in their report.  Inspectors have checklists of what they’ll inspect, which includes structural components of the home, electrical and plumbing issues, sewer lines, HVAC, and more. They should spend several hours inspecting both the interior and exterior of the home. In the case of new home construction, the report will confirm whether it is being constructed to industry standards. Inspectors provide results in the form of a multi-page standard report that may include photos. Should you decide to move forward with the purchase following receipt of the report, you’ll have a permanent record of the home’s condition.

Leverage to Negotiate – Once you have an inspection report in hand, you’ll be empowered to renegotiate with the seller. Any problems with the home can be used as leverage. For instance, you may ask the seller to handle repairs before you close. Instead, you could request that estimated repair costs apply towards a reduction in the selling price or in the closing costs. You are in charge at this point and may walk away from the deal.

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