Why Millennials Prefer Renting

Why Millennials Prefer Renting

Every wonder why millennials prefer renting? Whether to rent or own is a question many Americans have asked themselves at one point or another but millennials seem to already have this dilemma figured out and their reasoning makes a lot of sense. Unlike past generations, millennials are often bogged down with student loan debt, are focused on their career, value traveling, and don’t want the hassle of upkeeping a property and the hidden costs of homeownership.

Renting a condo or apartment allows millennials the opportunity to live in desirable and upcoming areas they might not necessarily be able to afford when considering purchasing a home. Furthermore, it allows this generation to seek their ‘dream job’ and travel to a different city without worrying about selling a home. Some developers are taking note of the desire to rent and are starting to build single-family rental homes and gated communities which feature all the amenities of a home without a hefty mortgage.

The changing face of declining homeownership is telling with the number of renters. In fact, in 2018, the number of single-family homes for rent hit a peak for the first time in nearly 40-years. In some areas of the country, prospective homeowners have to save for nearly 10-years for the often required 20% down payment.

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